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“DGCustomerfirst” is the nationwide survey and lets the customers be nearer to the Brand. WANT to get FREE GOODS? Dollar General Customer survey is for all the Americans who want to go home with a bunch of FREE PRODUCTS!

The survey inculcates many offers and benefits so come along and get what you can. There needs to be participation in the survey to avail offers. But the survey focuses on the candid feedback from all the loyal, valuable, and honest customers of “Dollar General“.

PROCEDURE – Survey at DG Customer First

The Dollar General’s official marketing teams have made several steps for the convenience of their valuable customers. These steps must be followed by the successful completion of the DGCustomerFirst survey.

  1. Login to DGCustomerFirst by visiting www.dgcustomerfirst.com
  2. Select your appropriate language
  3. Fill out the details in the box
  4. Carefully fill the sixteen-digit code from the receipt
  5. Give your valuable feedback on your recent visit to Dollar General store
  6.  Check all the details and click “Submit”
Launched ByDollar General
RewardsGift Card
ParticipantsDollar General Customers

Everything About DGCustomerFirst Survey

The DGCustomerFirst survey is a platform established by the ‘Dollar General’ company to know the feedback of their valuable customer about the services given to them. Only motive to improve the current services given to the customers at all the stores and supermarkets which led the company to introduce the Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey.

DGCustomerFirst Homepage

The brand placed its customer first and want to establish all the procedures of assistance given to the consumers of Dollar General at all departments. At all the stores, there will be a survey and the outcome of the survey will change the working procedure of the company for the desires of a customer and their satisfaction.

Offers & Benefits at DGCustomerFirst.com

The Dollar General has rolled out ample of benefits and gifts for every person in the DGCustomerFirst survey. The brand ordered the official marketing team to provide numerous benefits for the customers for FREEYES. It Is Correct!

Dollar General Survey Rewards

The company is rolling out a huge amount of products from manufacturing plants to give every customer some EXCLUSIVE Free PRODUCTS. Also, the Dollar General requests all the individuals to be a part of the national survey and make it more successful than actually successful.

All the customers will get an exclusive 20% discount on all the products of any amount purchased from any store of Dollar General by participating in the DGCustomerFirst survey. This offer is for all the customers and a direct discount from the original amount of the receipt.

The loyal and valuable customers purchase items or any goods in bulk will get a straight cut of 35% of the total amount they pay. The minimum criteria for bulk payment is a minimum purchase of $650. However, a single payment for bulk items taken as a yes for the discount and offer.

Methods @ Dollar General Customer Survey

Mainly, there are two methods for the customer to be a part of the DGCustomerFirst survey. Firstly, they visit any Dollar General Store or Supermarket and purchase any products or goods. A special code comes along and with it a feedback form. Fill it and submit to the official members of Dollar General.

Secondly, visit the Dollar General website. Look out for Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey and fill out the details and data including the code which you got on the purchase of goods. For further assistance follow the below-mentioned steps!

The above steps will surely help all the customers in the feedback form filling process and successfully enroll themselves in the survey. It is worth noting that by filling out the forms customers are not eligible for all the offers and discounts.

Terms and Conditions @ www.DGCustomerFirst.com

To acknowledge customers, the company has listed several rules and regulations to create awareness and the DGCustomerFirst survey can be as transparent as it can be. However, the customer should be acknowledged by reading all the terms and conditions for ignoring any issue in further process.

Dollar General Survey T&C

All the rights are completely reserved by Dollar General and therefore all the offers and benefits can be pulled off the board at any time by the company. The brand can declare and change existing and new offers irrespective of the ones currently availed by the customer.

Every customer will be given initial benefits but the offers with the code will be availed by the customer once only. To get more benefits, a new code must be used by every consumer. Customers can not avail of more than two offers in a month. The company does not entertain any violation of rules.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to fill and submit the feedback form to the officials of the supermarket or and dollar general store. There is no offer for those forms which are filled with incomplete information. The company gives free products in terms of offers and discounts and not by any other means.

Data Security @ DG Customer First Survey!

The brand ensures all the customers with complete security of the data and information in the feedback forms. The company has set several norms about the customer’s data security. However, there is some responsibility of the customer to check before taking part in the DGCustomerFirst survey.

All the customers are requested by the company to give the feedback forms to the officials of the store and supermarket rather than to any other person. Also, when customers opt for the online method od survey, fill the feedback forms with your device and not with anyone else. Moreover, only use a secure internet connection while using the online method of survey.

The brand takes all the responsibility of the data and information once they are in the hands of the company. 


The article has the intention to provide the customers of Dollar General with all the relevant and correct information regarding the survey procedure. It focuses on the DGCustomerFirst survey details very minutely and gives all the necessary data and information for the benefits of the customer only.

For any further assistance, please feel free to contact us in the comment section below. Our assistance team will be more than happy to guide you.