How to Take MyKFCExperience Survey?

“KFC” is rolling out the MyKFCExperience survey worldwide. Want to be a part? Here are the mentioned details regarding it. Check out the procedure, exciting offers, eligibility criteria, required data from the customer. There is something for everyone who will be a part of this international KFC Customer Satisfaction survey.

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Procedure for the MyKFCExperience Survey

KFC ReceiptThe necessary steps to follow during the MyKFCExperience survey are listed below by which you can complete the forms with ease. Everyone must fill all the details in each step after that, and only the feedback form can be submitted and considered.

  1. Click here MyKFCExperience or  directly visit
  2.  Choose your preferred language
  3. Mention the invitation code and date from your receipt
  4. Rate the services provided from 1-5 stars
  5. Your suggestion or feedback(optional)

 Submit your application and avail one special offer of 10% on your next visit (T&C apply)

Official NameMyKFCExperience
Conducted ByKFC
RewardsMeals at discount

What is MyKFCExperience Survey?

Does the survey seem too dull? While it’s not now as numerous “exciting guaranteed offers” awaits! Definitely, for all. An international MyKFCExperience survey for KFC customers is held around the world so that the services can be better in the coming future. Click on the link below and also check all the details and eligibility now!

MyKFCExperience Survey Homepage

Benefits of My KFC Experience Survey

Customers who provide their honest feedback are eligible to offers such as discounts on a particular item on weekends. The lucky ones who are shortlisted in the KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey can get a 50% discount on their next visit with a private table in the “Special Room“.

The personal information provided in the MyKFCExperience survey may be useful in making an individual “KFC” Account so that whenever clients visit again, some special discount on the guest check can be availed based on their previous history. All the information regarding offers and discounts, if applicable, will be shared with one’s data listed in survey forms and not with anyone else.

Rules & Requirements for Survey @

Dear loyal customers, there is some detailed information about factors that are to be kept in mind while taking the MyKFCExperience survey. Several terms of service are listed, which are prepared by the official department of the market survey so that there is no issue in further process.

Survey details

  • Customers are eligible for the offer if they purchase any food item.
  • Applicable for the age group of 18 and above.
  • Special offer is available once only per code(if applicable).
  • Languages are allowed, as mentioned in step two.
  • The form should have all the details mentioned.
  • There is no charge for offers you get if selected or shortlisted. However, you have to pay tax on it.
  • If the receipt with code given to you at the billing counter is lost, visit that particular KFC restaurant for further assistance.

Don’t worry if you forgot or lost your code and receipt. As a brand, all the details are safe. The only thing you have to do is to provide and confirm information like name and date at the restaurant you visited. There you can have complete assistance and also the feedback form. 

Interrogation @ MyKFCExperience Survey

Don’t be ANXIOUS! The questions are entirely relevant and accessible based on your experience and how you felt at KFC premises on your previous visit. There is no big deal in answering a few appropriate questions based on the services at the eatery, staff relations, and overall insight.

Security of details –

DON’T WORRY AT ALL! The details provided in the feedback forms are confidential and only shared with official members of “KFC” for evaluation and not with anyone else. As it contains customer’s details like name, phone number, including email address, the data collection process is confidential. The data provided by the customers come with their trust, so data is kept confidential. The details are not used for marketing strategy and only utilized for the brand itself.

All the questions asked in the KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey are entirely related to customer service, consumer support, and the ways by which overall customer experience at all KFC restaurants can make better. There are no other intentions rather than the ones mentioned earlier. Therefore, every consumer is requested to share only the information listed on the survey form.

If any employee or official asks any other type of data irrespective of the survey, please let us know at 1800-947-947.

About KFC & MyKFCExperience

KFC is one of the ‘largest supplemental brands’ as a ‘fast-food restaurant,’ therefore, they want their customers to walk out with a smile on their face and the marvelous taste of fried chicken. The brand is in more than 120 countries across the world and started a customer service program by several survey methods to ensure that the services provided are excellent.

This MyKFCExperience survey helps the company and its customers in various ways. As Kentucky Fried Chicken is an international brand, there may be similar or non-identical demands of a particular country or state. The essential services to valuable customers, an official committee is being set up to acknowledge the specific needs of every customer by this survey. Moreover, people have several other discounts so that everyone can enjoy the delicious taste of chicken at a reasonable cost.


Loyal customers play a crucial role in the chain restaurant business, and their feedback is essential for the growth of a company like this large. The motto of KFC is to improve all the possible and necessary services as customer demands, and therefore this MyKFCExperience survey is conducted.