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MyWawaVisit is the main focus of this article as it is a customer satisfaction survey rolled out at only. This particular blog will take all the readers more closer to this official survey platform to participate. 

The blog contains every single detail about the MyWawaVisit customer satisfaction survey in the user-friendly sections for the readers’ convenience. Also, the customer of Wawa can find the most convenient way to be part of MyWawaVisit in no time. A detailed procedure is mentioned and highlighted in this particular blog.


Hereby, all the readers can enroll themselves in this exclusive platform with the help of this particular article as it covers all the particulars from the official source. Moreover, there are several offers and benefits for the people to avail of listed in this descriptive blog. Along with it, there is rules and regulations sticker to every aspect of the MyWawaVisit survey platform which is made clear in the sectional view.

Procedure –

The company has listed out the exact procedure for every customers’ convenience so that everyone can take the survey easily. Also, the MyWawaVisit

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the preferred languageMy-wawa-receipt
  3. Enter the survey code and store the number from the original receipt only.
  4. Click on “Start”
  5. Enter the personal details (any two)
  6. Give the candid feedback only (optional)
  7.  Rate the services at any gas station with the correct store number (1-5 stars)
  8. Click on “Submit”

What is MyWawaVisit? – Customer Satisfaction Survey

MyWawaVisit is the only official platform in form of rolled out by the brand as the Customer Satisfaction Survey for their valuable customers. The brand wants its loyal customers to give their honest and candid feedback for the facilities and services at every official station.

This particular nationwide survey platform is for the people to give their views on the services and give a chance to the brand for serving better. As the Wawa brand tends to improve all the services so the feedback on behalf of the customers would be great for them to proceed after this exclusive nationwide survey platform. 

The guest satisfaction platform from the Wawa has rolled out intending to provide excellent and exclusive services to all the customers in their every visit. Also, there are no secondary intentions behind it. On the other hand, the brand decides to give several offers and benefits to everyone who gets successfully enrolled in the MyWawaVisit platform. 


Individuals’ Role & Eligibility – My Wawa Visit Survey

 Every individual has a crucial role to play in the MyWawaVisit customer satisfaction platform as the brand has brought this survey to the customers only. As the company welcomes all the customers to any official station of Wawa to provide their valuable feedback and tell everything about their experience. 

The main role is of the customers to play and tell the company in terms of honest and candid feedback regarding the services they enjoy or either they disliked. No matter what, the company expects all the legitimate feedbacks in this legitimate survey platform. The brand wants to take a turn in the direction of customers’ satisfaction along with the candid feedbacks to serve better at every official gas station.

The eligibility criteria are for the customers as they must be the legal resident of the United States and must be above 18. Also, a detailed guideline is mentioned at the official website and every official station of the brand for customers’ convenience and acknowledgment.

Offers & Benefits @

 The brand is giving several benefits to its valuable customers on behalf of their valuable feedback on the platform. In terms of offers and benefits, all the customers enrolled successfully in the MyWawaVisit according to the guidelines are completely eligible to get benefitted by the offers and discounts. Check out the sections below for More!

  1. Free Gas for All! Visit the Wawa official gas station to avail of the special coupon for free gas on the next visit.
  2. 30% exclusive discount on every purchase of any goods from the store or the purchase of gas in every consecutive visit.
  3. A “Wawa Coupon” for the customers who are shortlisted by the technical system during their time at Wawa while purchasing.
  4. An anonymous trip awaits for any 10 customers!
  5. Free electronic devices to loyal customers.  


Terms & Conditions for the Survey – My Wawa Visit!

 The brand has drafted all the rules and regulations for the MyWawaVisit customer satisfaction survey so that the customer can know all the sides of the platform before taking the survey. Also, the brand wants a completely transparent layer for every notice and notification for this particular platform. The marketing and MyWawaVisit survey team requests all the individuals to go through the terms and conditions to be on the safer and cleared side.  

  • All the rights of MyWawaVisit platform are completely reserved by the brand itself and therefore any changes made will be according to the official committee only.
  • The purchase of gas or any other items from any Wawa station or enrolling in the survey platform does not guarantee the offers and benefits to any individual.
  • The offers and benefits are limited to the individuals and also to the period of the MyWawaVisit.
  • Every customer should follow the guidelines for the platform and also the procedure to be a successful member.
  • Everyone who takes part must take it willingly and there are no mandatory circumstances or conditions from the Wawa for the people.
  • The company expects and accepts only legitimate data and information in the feedback forms, therefore, irrespective of it will surely fall into rejection.

After the final step, the message “Your feedback is submitted successfully. Thank you for your response” appears on the screen. If not or any customer does not have the survey code or original receipt, kindly contact the customer support team at only.


 This blog is all about the My Wawa Visit customer satisfaction survey and all the aspects related to it for the readers’ convenience. For any further assistance, feel free to reach us out in the comment section below. Our customer support team is ready to help you any relevant matter.