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“Tell2nC” about the services they provide and win free books, video games, and a lot more. What’s More! the particular article gives the reader all relevant data and information to avoid researching details of the survey. Get it ALL here!

Tell2nC about the last visit and get all interesting books and video games totally for FREE! Get yourself enrolled in the survey and provide honest and candid feedback. Be an exclusive part of the extensive nationwide Tell2nC Survey NOW!

Steps to follow – Survey at 2nd & Charles

The Tell2nC Survey has some steps to follow to be a successful participant in the survey. Also, the steps must be followed to increase the chances of coming to the special 10 customers.

Tell2nc Survey Page

  1. Log in to or directly visit (the old website for 2nd & Charles Customer Satisfaction Survey was which does not work now)
  2. Choose your preferred language
  3. Fill out the details from the receipt
  4. Enter the personal details like name and phone number
  5. Give your feedback
  6. Rate our services from 1-5 stars
  7.  Click on submit
AimTo collect your opinions
ParticipantsCustomers of Charles
Parent CompanyCharles

Everything about Tell2nC survey @ 2nd & Charles

The company 2nd & Charles has introduced Tell2nC survey for all its customers who want Free STUFF! The survey is all about getting honest feedback from valuable customers to improve the services at all the stores for the customers. Through this survey, the company will make sure about the changes are done and appropriate service is available to its customers immediately.

Tell2nC Customer Satisfaction Survey

Moreover, the company takes care of all the views from the customers’ side and will try to implement it as soon as possible. In terms of the brand, the Tell2nC survey will take them more near to the customers and understand their problems, issues, desires when they visit any of the stores of the company.

The customer can be an important part of this survey from any of the company’s official stores by filling out the feedback form and giving valuable feedback about the experience of the last visit.

Benefits and Offers –

Tell2nC survey has something special for every customer after they give their feedback. Don’t miss out on any offer! Get benefited NOW! The company provides a chance to give feedback about the services at the stores and get any product for FREE!

2nd & Charles Store

The customers are most welcomed to be a part of the survey and get any book, any video game, any movie CDs they want! To avail, free products fill out the feedback form and give your candid feedback to the company.

Want a SPECIAL OFFER? Here it is! Once the survey gets over, the official marketing team will analyze all the applications and the system will select 10 lucky ones randomly. Those lucky individuals of the Tell2ndC survey will get an EXCLUSIVE 50% off on any of the three products of 2nd & Charles.

Rules and Regulations – 2nd & Charles

The Tell2nC Survey team has drafted several terms and conditions regarding the survey and expects the customer to acknowledge it completely.

All the rights are completely reserved by the company and there is no opinion required of customers in that matter. The company can change or modify any offer and benefits provided to the customer and also restrict the flow of free products to the customers.

The validity of all the benefits is limited to the duration of the survey irrespective of the special offer given to the customers. Also, the customer has to select the free products from the range selected by the official marketing and survey team of Tell2nC.

The customer cannot get any benefit from the 2nd & Charles if they are not willing to give their feedback and be a part if this survey. All the winners of the special offer will be decided by the system and not by any of the official members of the company.

The company does not give any rights to the customer to change or modify the survey notifications or the offer and benefits provided by the company. In the survey, the customers are not forced to be a part, they can join willingly.

All the customers are requested to follow the steps mentioned above accordingly and in perfect order. Make sure every information is relevant and mentioned correctly.

Essential Requirements – 2nd & Charles

The company has mentioned some necessities for the ease in the survey and the process can be as transparent as possible.

All the customers should have the receipt given at the time of purchase of any time after the date of the survey announced. If they don’t have the receipt and the codes, contact for further assistance at

It will be helpful for the customers as well as the team of the “Tell2nC” survey if the customer provides all the relevant and legitimate information in the feedback form.

Data Security @

The Tell2nC marketing and survey team take full guarantee about the data security of all the customers and make sure that the data remains confidential. Also, it ensures the usage of customers’ data will be in evaluating the winners and providing the necessary services demanded in the feedback form.

All the data and information of the customer will remain within the secured system of the 2nd & Charles organization and the company ensures that the data will not leak to any other firm. Moreover, the details of customers will not get used in any marketing strategy.


The sole purpose of this article is to notify the customers of 2nd & Charles about the Tell2nC survey exclusively. This article includes all the necessary information for the customers regarding the survey and the eligibility criteria of it.

For any further assistance, feel free to contact us in the comment section below. Our customer support team is more than happy to assist you in any relevant matter to the survey.