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TellCulvers” what you felt at your last visit! WIN WIN WIN food vouchers and coupons! All the customers of Culvers are offered offers and benefits @ TellCulvers SURVEY! Grab them before the survey gets over. This article includes all the relevant and appropriate information and guidelines for all the customers of Culvers.

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Culver’s restaurant provides free ButterBurgers to all the Customers in the Tell Culver’s Customer satisfaction survey. Want to be a part? Refer to this article for further information like procedure and all the requirements to get special offers.

Steps for the Survey – Tell Culver’s

culvers receiptThe procedure to submit customers’ successful feedback form is drafted below by the TellCulvers survey team. They requested every customer to follow these smile steps to enroll successfully in the survey and WIN!

  1. Log in TellCulvers by visiting or
  2. choose the preferred language
  3. Enter all the details in the area given
  4. Fill the receipt number and the survey code
  5. Rate the services enjoyed from 1-5 stars
  6. Give your feedback (optional)
  7. Click on “Submit
Official NameTellCulvers
Goal Conducting the survey

ALL About TellCulvers – Customer Satisfaction Survey!

The TellCULVERs survey is all about the customer’s point of view about the company services an products offered by the brand daily to a large number of individuals. The brand welcomes every customer to be a part of this extensive survey. The Culvers customer satisfaction survey is all about giving the brands valuable and loyal customers the best service and delicious food every day and on their every serves.

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What’s more! The TellCulvers survey will be extensively conducted by the official marketing team and this particular article incorporates all the necessary information about the ‘Tell Culvers’ nationwide survey for ALL. Every one is humbly requested to provide the company a valuable, honest, and candid feedback with complete transparency, therefore the brand can change or include any additional requirements from the side of loyal customers.

Offers & Benefits @

The customers at TellCulvers survey will get several offers and discounts and of course The Free Food! All the customers can avail from the list of offers and benefits as per their choice and desire. Countdown Begins! Hurry UP!

A general offer for all the valuable consumers of Culver’s products and items, the marketing team decided to give a flat 15% cut on every check. Therefore, if the customer buys any product or any of the single items from Culver’s restaurant he/she gets a cut on the original pay of 15%.

Now, the exciting one, the individuals who take part in the customer satisfaction survey of TellCulvers, will get an extra 10% discount on their final pay. As all the people are equipped with 15% already, the individuals in the survey will get a total 25% cut on the final amount of pay.

This comes from TellCulvers survey as it takes good care of the “Special Customers“. Once the survey gets over, our technical system will randomly select 15 people from the ones who took part in the survey. All those people are eligible for the company’s “SPECIAL OFFER”. The brand’s special offer includes an exclusive free trip to the Maldives for a total of 3 days. The company will bear all the living and accommodation charges for all those “Special Ones.”

Rules & Regulations @ Tell Culvers Survey!

The “TellCulvers” official marketing have drafted some terms and condition regarding every aspect of the survey to be as transparent as it can be with all their valuable customers.

All the offers and benefits will be given to the customers who will be a part of the TellCulvers survey and give their valuable feedback. The brand has all rights reserved regarding the survey and takes bake all offers, benefits, and discounts at any duration of the survey whenever the company wishes.

The survey period is of two months after which all those boons and advantages to the customer are invalid once the duration of the survey gets over. Only those customers who are willing to give their valuable and candid feedback can get an extra discount of 10%.

The company will be able to reduce demonish the amount of people who are offered the trip to the Maldives at anytime whoever company wishes. At the Maldives, the company will not bear any personal expenses of the customer. Also, only two people are allowed along with the name on the feedback form.

Once the customer completes all the steps mentioned above he/she is now a part of the survey and eligible for all the offers and benefits from “TellCulver’s” extensive survey.

Essential Requirements – Survey at Tell Culver’s

There is some essential and crucial requirement from the customers and once all the requirements are fulfilled, the consumer is perfectly eligible for all benefits.

The customer should have a valid receipt from any official restaurant of Culver’s, however, the codes should match the system at every restaurant. The customer should provide all the personal details mentioned in the feedback form. The system does not accept the forms with incomplete details.

Data Security @

Don’t WORRY at ALL! The company ensures all the customers about the security of the details provided in the feedback form at

The details will surely be used in evaluating the customer services and winners of the survey. Also, the data and information are completely used by the official marketing team of ‘TellCulvers’ survey team and not for any other marketing strategy. The data will not be shared with any other members of the brand or any other company.


This article deals with the complete information regarding the “TellCulvers” survey as it includes all the relevant information for the customers’ convenience. The article focuses on providing all the minute details concerning the survey conducted by the company for customer satisfaction only.

For any further assistance, please feel free to mention any doubts regarding the survey and the company itself. Our customer support team will be more than ready to assist you in case of any relevant issue.