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Here are all the details of the TellMarcos which is an official Customer Satisfaction Survey by the brand at only. This particular blog covers all the official particulars for the readers’ one-stop information destination and to get every official data. 

The blog is all about Marco’s TellMarcos Customer Satisfaction Survey rolled out by the company and the article illustrates many offers and benefits for all the individuals. Also, the customer can rely on the data and information described in the sectional descriptive part of the article to be a successful part of the TellMarcos survey platform. 

For more particulars, go through all the sections of the article to be a part of a nationwide platform to open the doors of several offers and benefits. TellMarcos is an official survey by Marcos and the article outlines all the data and statistics for readers’ convenience only.

Procedure @ TellMarcosSurvey!

The brand advises following the steps mentioned below for the customers to easily get into the sector of benefits in the TellMarcos survey at any customer does not have the receipt or 16 digits unique code from an official restaurant, they are requested to follow the same procedure at the TellMarcos survey:

  1.  Log in to or directly visit or Click Here
  2. Choose the preferred language
  3.  Enter the survey code found on the below section of the original receipt merely
  4. Click on “Start” by reading the instructions 
  5. Give the feedback (optional)
  6. Rate the services at the restaurant visited in near time from 1-5 stars
  7.  Click on “Submit
  8.  Take a screenshot of the validation code displayed on the main screen

Once the customers complete all the above-mentioned steps he/she is a part of the TellMarcos platform and can successfully avail of all the offers and benefits if shortlisted.

tell marcos survey code

Official NameTellMarcos
CompanyMarcos Pizza

Everything about TellMarcos – Survey!

The “TellMarcos” is an extensive nationwide survey as a customer satisfaction survey by the company to rate contemporary services at the restaurant. Also, based on this survey there are several benefits for the people to avail of. Check it out Now!

The survey is done by the official marketing and survey team of Marcos for the customers’ feedback regarding the customers’ satisfaction when they visit any Marcos at any time. Also, it extensively focuses on improving the services as the customers want. Although, the customer can give their valuable feedback while in revert the company wishes to improve the current services provided to its customers.

The organization has made two mediums for the platform to provide convenience to the customers. The feedback form is available in hard copy as well as in digital gadgets at all the official stores of Marcos. The customer is requested to fill the form and submit it directly. For more convenience, those who all have the recent receipt of Marcos restaurant, they can give their feedback from mobile phones or laptop at the official website only.

Marcos restaurant

Offers & Benefits @

All the benefits for the customers at the TellMarcos customer satisfaction platform at company is ready to provide Free Food all day every day during the period of the platform for everyone at the official Marcos restaurant only. To avail of this, it is highly recommended to fill out the feedback form by giving appropriate and candid feedback to the company.

On the behalf of feedbacks, the customers can avail of exclusive 20% flat and direct cashback on any amount they pay on their bill. This offer is not valid for those customers who already have the unique code in their receipt and their data on the TellMarcos platform servers.

The second one is for loyal customers who visit Marcos restaurant regularly for delicious food. If one comes to Marcos past one week and provides their valuable feedback in the form, only they will get Free Food every weekend until the survey ends.

marcos food

Terms & Conditions – Tell Marcos Survey

The official marketing and TellMarcos survey team have made all the rules and regulations descriptive for the customer also mentioned in the article. The company requests everyone to acknowledge it as the process of the TellMarcos survey will run accordingly.

Marcos has reserved all the rights for the company as well as the TellMarcos platform as there cannot be any interference by the customer in any process of the brand. Also, no feedback form is advised for filling if the customer is not acknowledged by the terms and conditions. All the offers and benefits are based on the shortlisting process means the company will choose which individual gets benefits.

The customer must give feedback to avail of all the offers from the company. Also, the company does not guarantee any benefits for any customer during the survey, and once it ends. Moreover, private data and information will remain confidential until the boundary of the company itself. A much detailed including every aspect of the platform is rolled out by the company to be more specific on every topic.

However, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to do the procedure from trusted electronic devices and completely secured internet connection. The violation of this rule permits to lower its responsibility to keep the customer’s data confidential up to the brand’s boundary.

tellmarcos survey page

Essential Requirements for Survey @ Tell Marcos!

There are several other requirements from the company’s side for the customers in the procedure of the TellMarcos survey. The survey is completely legitimate therefore the brand expects the legitimate information only to evaluate the services provided while the new services to be added further.

The company wishes that all the individuals taking part in the platform must do the process according to the guidelines and from secured devices and trusted internet sources. Also, the customers will get notified based on the information they provide in the feedback form in the case of TellMarcos survey benefits.

The customers who do not have the survey code can give their valuable feedback here itself at the official website only.

tellmarcoes page without code


The blog focuses on all the particular essential and crucial for the customers to know about the TellMarcos survey and the notes attached to the survey only for convenience.

For any further assistance, our customer support team is more than happy to assist you, so mention all your doubts regarding the matter relevant to the survey in the comment sections below.